common crawling bugs - 27 flying insects - mice -  rats - birds


Restaurants, Warehouses


We cater to your needs:  Whether you want a year round service plan, spring/fall service or a one time spray, G&R Pest Control will make your home a pest free environment.  


Exterior: Foundation, eves ,crack/crevice window sills and door jams.

Interior: Baseboards, windowsills, door jams, under sinks.

Under: Fog or sprayed.

General Exterior/Interior

General Insect and spiders: When we do a service for General insect and ants we recommend you do it at least 2x-3x a year. Ants,

Bees , Yellow Jackets, Wasps, Rodents

Tree service

Fruit tree and shade tree

Rodent Service

Monthy and Bi-monthly inspection and monitoring programs. Trapping, Baiting, Exclusion, Habitat Modification.

Green Service

Organic Interior Pest Service Available

Bird Abatement

Netting, Traps, Repellent, Habitat Modification, Exclusion, Decontaminate and Removal


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