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Will the pesticides hurt my children or pets?

The sprays we use are all registered for schools and hospitals and are very mild. They are very effective on insects and virtually harmless to humans. If you have a chemical allergy, we ask that you notify us and leave the area for at least 2 hours. When we are spraying we ask that you keep your pets out of the area until we are done spraying. After the spray is dry, generally one hour, it is safe for them to return to the yard. If you have any water dishes or food bowls, we ask that you bring those inside until we are done. The chemicals are most dangerous when absorbed through the skin when wet, or consumed directly. When we spray inside your home, we do baseboards, window sills and door jams. If there is any residual after one hour.

FAMILY owned northern nevada business


G&R pest control has been in business for 25 years. Original owners the Ricketts sold the pest control company 4 years ago to Michael Epsteyn a born and raised northern Nevadan. Michael brings his years of experience in sales, Customer service and Pest control to bring you the best service experience imaginable.